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Appendix A. Library Dependencies

Depending on the distribution, Jalopy depends on some or all of the following freely available libraries:

Table A.1. Library dependencies

Name:AElfred XML Parser 1.2
Author:David Brownell, Michael H. Kay, Microstar Software Ltd.
License:GNU General Public License
Info:The parser is taken from the Saxon 6.5.2 release.
Name:ANTLR Parser Generator 2.7.2a2
Author:jGuru.com (MageLang Institute), project lead by Terence Parr
License:Custom, Public Domain
Info:Contains some changes and fixes to make it work with Jalopy, re-packaged to avoid classpath clashes.
Name:GNU getopt Java port 1.0.9
Author:Aaron M. Renn
License:GNU General Public License
Name:JAXP Java API for XML Processing 1.2
Author:Sun Microsystems, Inc.
License:Apache Software License
Name:JDOM XML API 1.0 Beta 8
Author:JDOM Group, lead by Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin
License:BSD/Apache style
Name:log4j logging toolkit 1.2.6
Author:Apache Software Foundation
License:Apache Software License
Info:Jalopy specifically needs 1.2.6 or above as I use an accessor that was only introduced with 1.2.6
Name:Moe Editor 1.2.0
Author:BlueJ Group at Monash University, Slava Pestov
License:Public Domain
Info:Jalopy incorporates a stripped down version of the syntax package included in the Moe sources
Name:Oro Regular Expressions 2.0.6
Author:Apache Software Foundation
License:Apache Software License
Name:SAX Simple API for XML 2.0.1
Author:David Megginson, David Brownell
License:Public Domain

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